In its 30-year history, Cantori New York has shared the stage with many spectacular artists. Some have been at the beginning of an esteemed career, while others have been well-established and widely recognized for their artistic gifts. All of them have been an integral part of Cantori's musical history. Here is just a smattering of those with whom we have been privileged to share the stage.

William Anderson, guitar
Douglas Balliett, viola da gamba
Julia Bullock, soprano
Rebekah Camm, soprano
The Cassatt String Quartet
Kathleen Chalfant, actor
Sasha Cooke, mezzo-soprano
Miranda Cuckson, violin
Laura Danehower-Whyte, soprano
Barbara Dever, mezzo-soprano
Ariadne Greif, soprano
David Heiss, cello
Rémi Jousselme, guitar
David Kravitz, baritone
Curtis Macomber, violin
Françoise Murail, ondes martenot
Makota Nakura, marimba
Maryann Plunkett, actor
Prism Saxophone Quartet
Anna Reinersman, harp
Azi Schwartz, tenor
Dongsok Shin, positive organ
Nadia Sirota, viola
Meighan Stoops, clarinet
Mei-Ting Sun, piano
Stephen Tharp, tenor